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Title: Sight (The delta Girls #1)
Author: Juliet Madison
Genre: YA,
Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy 

Published: July 14th 2015
Page count: 218
Format: Kindle

Summary (Goodreads):

I spent my birthday fast asleep. In a coma to be exact.

When Savannah wakes up after two months in the hospital, she sees a whole lot more than expected, things that could put those close to her at risk.

The five Delcarta sisters have never believed in the paranormal, not like their woo-woo mother. Instead they believe in the power of sisterhood, of romance, and rebuilding their lives after their father's mysterious disappearance nine years earlier. Starting anew in the small town of Iris Harbor, they see potential in all.

But Savannah's awakening after having surgery on a life-threatening aneurysm brings a unique ability to the Delcarta sisters–together, each can predict the future with one of the five senses. And Savannah has the gift of sight.

A serial arsonist has been terrorizing the tight-knit community, and the Delcarta sisters have their suspicions on who could be to blame, including a boy who starts as an adversary to Savannah and then very quickly becomes her whole world. Investigating these crimes, trying to stop them before the next flame is sparked will call upon Savannah to use her newfound abilities with the help of her sisters, and will put each of their lives in danger.

This stunning new paranormal series blends the sweetest of romances with breathless suspense, and introduces five young women who share a haunted past, an extraordinary gift, and an uncertain future.

Book review:

I received this from NetGalley in an exchange for an honest review

Okay so to start off; I'm debating with myself if I should give this a 3.5 or 4 stars?

Sight by Juliet Madison is a quick and fast okay read.

This story is about 5 sisters. Twins and triplets Talia, Tamara, Serena, Sasha and the main character, Savannah. The book starts of in the hospital where Savannah is in coma. She wakes up with a bubble feeling and discovers she has the special ability of seeing things others can't. She's not alone, her 4 other sisters have also been given a special ability each. All five senses.

The storyline continues 3 months later at Iris Harbor with their single mother and missing father who disappeared 9 years ago.

The Delcarta sisters can experience events as if they were there like in the future and together these five sisters become their own private detective, but their very gifts give them vision of something bad that only the Delta Girls can prevent.

At the beach near their new home, Savannah gets a déjà vu when a vision she had at the hospital becomes real. For comfort, she tells her sisters about it. They look at each other and slowly the realization hit them. The sisters discover that each of them has experienced the same memory but through a different sense. While Savannah experiences it by sight her triplet sisters have felt it by sound and smell and the older twins have sensed it through taste and touch.
After that event the journey begins for them all.

One specific character I really enjoyed was Riley. He was mysterious, absolutely gorgeous! The chemistry between him and Savannah hit the first time they met like love at first sight. They didn't deny their feelings for one another which was a bit 'meh'.

It was the first book I read from Juliet Madison and she did a great job even though it was very predictable and it annoyed me a bit that the five sisters didn't actually think about the clues they got and remembered back to previous clues or even try to put the puzzle pieces together. But putting that aside, the author really did have an great idea and she balanced the story well. Even though I have mix feelings about this book I would definitely root for a sequel. I won't spoil you but there was something at the end maybe 80 pages before the end I really need an answer to and something I wanted to have read we didn't get to see which I am very curious about! ;D
So overall, a great job.

4/5 Stars <3!  

There's coming a second one "Sound" in October 13th!! - OMG I SOOO EXCITED!  :D.

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