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The Vaga

27016902 Title: The Vaga (The Kuthun #2)
Author: S. A. Carter
Genre: YA,
Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy, Magic 
Published: September 24th 2015
Page count: 312
Format: Kindle

Summary (Goodreads):

 DARKNESS IS COMING The last time they met was in a fight for survival, but four years later Julian has returned, and his presence can only mean one thing... the enemy is near. Elena discovers that her world is again being threatened but this time her enemy has a new name. The Vaga-an ancient force ruled by an Immortal known only as Erebus. For eons he has lived in darkness and shadow and will stop at nothing to prevent the New Coming.

Book review:

 I received a free copy from S. A. Carter (author) in exchange for an honest review.

4.5 Stars (without spoilers)

WHAT! NO NO NO no no no no!! It can’t end! What a cliffhanger! I need book 3 “The New Coming” ASAP! xD.

The Vaga takes place 4 years after the event in book #1 of The Kuthun series.
Elena goes to collages together with her best friend Phoebe.
This time around Phoebe has a boyfriend named Sam who I end up loving too, he was funny, protective, super mysterious and the best match for Phoebe ~ such a sweet couple!

Then we have our main character Elena who I adore soooooo much! She really develop after four years, she became stronger and wiser. She still battles with the fact she is a strong witch and important for the future. All she wants to do is be a normal girl like her new found friends Rihanna and (sometime) Jessica who is very competitive toward Elena and hate losing to her. At the collage we also find a very familiar face who loves Elena like his own daughter… Yup it’s none other than our beloved Uncle Jo! I would still wish he was my uncle ;).
The relationship between Elena and Uncle Jo is put to the test because Jo still treats her like a teenager and tell her what to do and not to do, which Elena is tired of.

Then there’s Julian… Ohh gosh Julian I’m SO IN LOVE WITH HIM!!! Sheree can I have him please!? In this second book we get to know him a lot more which just made me love him more <3_<3.
Not only do we get to know Julian better but also the Puritans and Erebus who is a much bigger threat to Elena and those around her.
We discover a few things about some people and the power within Elena.
The author's writing style is creative and the world building is great! You feel like you are in it as well.
The themes in the story such as bravery, hard decisions, forgiveness and love play a big role. I have soooooo many other things I want to say about The Vaga! But I just can’t without some spoilers for both The Kuthun & The Vaga xD.

I only have one issue with the book and that is why I didn't give it full 5 stars but 4.5. But this book series is worth reading! It got action, love, friendship, strong bond, awesome fight sequences, paranormal, supernatural, mystical creatures and LOT’S of humor ;D!
The Vaga was a quick read for me because I end up flipping the pages fast without realizing it!
I highly highly recommend this book to anyone who likes paranormal, supernatural, love, mystery and action.

Thank you so so so much Sheree for letting me reading this awesome book series! I cannot wait to read book #3 The New Coming!


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