Saturday, 20 February 2016

Physical books or Kindle books?

Hello everybody hope you all enjoying your weekend!!

Are you a kindle lover or do you prefer physical books? Tough choose ;)
My personal favorite is….. BOTH!

I love having physical hardbacks books because ~ Just look at them (my bookshelf)! They are soooo pretty and I like hugging my books and stare at them for hours admiring the view ;D. Yup I'm like that - a creepy book lover xD… Just kidding!! ;D But I do like to look at them ;P.
Kindle books are amazing because you can have it with you wherever you go! It's not heavy to have with you. You are all probably sitting there like "Yo Emma! You can also have your physical book with you! Just don't take them all with you" Indeed you can but I'm too afraid of breaking them
L and my heart wouldn't be able to handle it if they broke ^_^.
The downfall of reading on a kindle is; I like to hold the book physical and see my progress plus they are super beautiful to have/collect. But the positive of owning a kindle app/kindle Reader is -  that it is so much easier for author (for example) to send you books to read and reviewing and they are cheaper plus you get them right away.
So for me it all depends on what I'm doing. If I'm on a vacation I always take my iPad with me but if I'm staying home I will take the physical book without second thought ;D.

One of my bookshelf ;) On the top you can see my graduation hat and smiley Student Bimble hoptimist with the same hat on ;D.
In the middle is my HHartCamp first place in the runner category prize ;).

My very very beloved iPad Air 2 that I got for my graduation! It looks like it's hanging out with J. R. R. Tolkien - Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit :O! No wonder I couldn't find it xD!
Bad iPad shame on you ;P!

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