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Title: Leif (Existence Trilogy #2.5)
Author: Abbi Glines
Genre: YA
, Paranormal, Fantasy, Ghost, Urban Fantasy, NA, Romance 
Published: July 3rh 2012
Page count: 94
Format: Kindle

Summary (Goodreads):

"She was mine. I owned her soul…until Death stole her heart."

LEIF is a novella from the Existence series. It is glimpses into Leif's point-of-view during both Existence and Predestined.

 WHAT!! NONONONONON!!! Why!! It can't be!! This novella was toooo short! I won't allowed it! I N.E.E.D M.O.R.E!!!

First time I meet Leif I hated him! But after reading this novella I feel him! I connected with him, I understood him, I felt his pain, I..... I felt him and end up liking him... That is why I'm sooo mad right now because I finally understood him I wanted him happy and I wanted to know more about him! I want to hug him, telling him everything is going to be okay!....
And that ending!! How could Miss Abbi end it like that?! That was SOOOO not cool! I wasn't done reading it I felt like it just begun goddammit!! :'( *sniffle* *sniffle*..
If it was still 2012 I would beg Abbi to write a 3.5 a whole story about Leif!
And i would beg her to make a No. 4 with Dank POV of the Existence and how he became Death...
I will find a time-machine and go back in time and meet with Abbi and beg her until she says yes! Because I want more and just thinking about reading the last book is breaking my heart! I DO NOT want it to end! *sigh*

4 Stars ;)

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